Our services

Keeping your people nourished, energised and motivated


We offer bespoke and flexible vending solutions that befit our clients’ operational environment and requirements. We focus on technology and innovation, combined with a value for money approach. This builds knowledge of our client’s trends and delivers a lean operation that achieves service excellence. We work in partnership with clients to ensure that a robust and bespoke solution is provided every time.

Five key attributes underpin our approach to vending machine services and solutions:


A tailored managed service delivering best value


A technology-led approach including end-to-end touchless solutions


Real-time data provision and trend analysis


A safe and continually available solution


A shared approach to risk and reward with a focus on true partnership

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Our offer range

Aligned to your people, designed for the people, delivered by our people.

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  • Low cost of entry

  • Entry level machines with technology that matches the clients’ requirements

  • Variety of hot beverages and confectionery lines

  • Cashless solutions.

  • Contactless payment mechanism, as standard

  • Integrated app-based ordering and payment solution, using bluetooth to connect mobile phones to machines

  • Wide range of hot beverages, confectionery, fresh food and hot food options.

  • Smart technology-based solutions

  • No touch approach with anti-microbial screen coatings

  • Wide range of hot beverages, confectionery, fresh food and hot food options

  • Focus on healthy eating options, where possible.

  • Labelled approach aligning to the client’s brand and messaging

  • No touch, as standard

  • QR ordering and payment capability

  • Video technology to enhance client messaging to site users, including running advertisements combined with live data feeds

  • Meal deal and ‘point-in-time’ pricing, via remote upload

  • Reward and recognition structures through discount codes and giveaways.


Consumer focus

Our hot beverage offers


We understand the importance of delivering a premium hot drink solution to your stakeholders.


From ensuring an energised and motivated workforce to delivering a high calibre welfare offer, we take pride in the fact that our hot beverage offers are sector leading in taste and texture. Working alongside household names in the UK, we partner to deliver a fantastic, varied range to benefit the consumer.


We offer a wide range of express and automated coffee machines to UK clients, which serve the very best in bean to cup coffee choices. Machines are available in a range of sizes, enabling us to accommodate specific business needs. So, whether your stakeholders work in an office, shopfloor or industrial environment, we have machine and hot drinks choices to satisfy everyone’s needs.


  • Licensed partner to the UK’s favorite coffee shop

  • Fresh milk combined with the unmistakable flavour of Costa Coffee

  • 18-minute roasted blend of Arabica and Robusta beans for that perfect coffee taste and texture

  • Complementary offer of Costa’s Impulse range.



  • Headquartered in Peterborough with a state-of-the-art roasting plant 

  • Blend of Arabica and Robusta beans matured to deliver a mellow, sweat, creamy and structured coffee

  • The perfect blend across a broad coffee range.

PG Tips Leaf Tea

  • Steeped in over 85 years of history

  • Rainforest Alliance accredited

  • The perfect ‘cuppa’ for an early morning wake-up or to keep energy up throughout the day.


Galaxy Hot Chocolate

  • A silky-smooth hot chocolate with a delicious creamy frothy top

  • Suitable for vegetarians.

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We are supportive of UK and local industries, and where possible, look to source organic and locally produced products that can be effectively vended from our machines.


Our core confectionery range


Working alongside some of the world’s leading consumer product lines, we’re confident we have the right products available for all your needs. Combined with a focus on healthy eating, including offering a range of vegetable ‘crisps’ and dried fruit, we have the confectionery offer that your staff and visitors look for.


  • Soft drinks including offers from Coca-Cola and PepsiCo


  • Snacks including offers from Walkers, Mars and Cadbury

  • Healthy snack options from specialist suppliers, providing more choice for schools, colleges and offices. 

Our food options

Working with leading producers of fresh and frozen food options, we deliver tailor-made solutions to our clients’ staff. Be it a healthy salad, a grab and go sandwich, a heated pasty or sausage roll or a deluxe pizza; we can provide a wide selection to suit every palate.


Our tailored approach


Through our in-house engineering team we have the ability to alter the product lines that vending machines can dispense, ensuring that we are able to provide a truly rounded welfare solution. Non- typical products that can be dispensed include a range of PPE products, hand sanitiser tubes, alcohol (subject to including an age verification module), clothing, convenience items including toothbrushes, moisturiser and beauty products. We will work with you to source and stock a suitable range of products through our fully operated service offer.

Pricing vending machine snacks

When it comes to pricing vending machine snacks, confectionery and drinks, we always conduct local market research to make sure that our prices will be competitive and attractive to your staff and visitors.


We always aim at putting in place a price point that is designed to attract your people to buying their snack requirement from the vending machine, rather than leaving site to visit a shop. In any event we will always agree the pricing with you prior to installation.


To find out more about how to price vending machine snacks in your business, organisation, school or college, please get in touch.


Helping businesses achieve more

VendPlus services are particularly suited to the following types of businesses:

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A new, fresh and healthy eating approach that provides a value for money solution and is tailored to the site demographic.

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Shopping centres

Supporting our clients to provide a vibrant solution to site users and staff, as a welfare solution or an additional revenue stream. 

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Financial and professional services

Premium value, customer focused approach to support our client’s brand and messaging.

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Aligning our regime to the passengers’ expectations and their requirements.

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Corporate offices

Complete focus on the visitor or staff member’s journey across site and aligning our vending offers to achieve maximum impact. We also provide a range of meeting room solutions, to ensure that our client’s meetings are conducted with the correct offer.

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Manufacturing / distribution / logistics

A flexible and varied solution that delivers value for money and a high-end product range, ensuring that we are maximising welfare for site users.

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An innovative and dynamic offer, that is reflective of the site demographic and the consumer’s requirements.

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CQUIN compliant offer delivering an enhanced staff and visitor welfare experience.