Our approach

We make the wheels turn

Here at VendPlus, we use sector-leading technology solutions to underpin our service regime and to maximise efficiency and safety across our operations. Through real-time telemetry and our ability to analyse purchasing trends, we deliver a bespoke solution to each client that meets with staff and visitor demographics.

Our framework is based on:

  • Contactless payment options enabling credit and debit card use, combined with Apple and Google payment mechanisms and/or app-based purchasing


  • Touchless product collection mechanisms that also include UV lights to kill any ancillary virus or bacteria that may be present


  • App and/or QR code machine control, based on a vend leader and vend follower approach. This enables the consumer to buy from several machines at one time to achieve maximum efficiency in the buying experience


  • Anti-microbial screen coating, so that any touch-based machines will not contain a contamination point


  • Distance select technology, enabling purchases to be completed without the need to touch any of the machines

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  • Ability to connect to machines remotely for live telemetry updates and price changes


  • Ability to manage video content remotely, including advertising channels and live data feeds


  • Real-time sales data, enabling trend analysis to be completed and to facilitate rapid adjustments to product lines


  • Reward and recognition discount codes for employee motivation


  • Telemetry and associated data to manage visits to site and to stock those items with highest demand. We analyse trends across consumer demographics and monitor the success of trials and special offers


  • Quality management reports for you, direct from our telemetry systems


  • Meal deal and unique offers to enhance the consumer and experience.

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VendPlus cares



In the post COVID-19 world, the safety of vending users has never been more prominent.


As a business we take the safety of consumers extremely seriously and ensure that our solutions provide a safe purchasing experience. Working alongside our sister company, Lita Group Facilities Management, we deliver robust sanitisation services that complement our vending offer.

These include:

  • Anti-viral machine cleans on every route merchandiser visit


  • Hand sanitising solutions that can be branded to match your company’s requirements and are installed in the close vicinity of our vending solutions.

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What you want when you need it


In addition to a focus on safe purchasing, we have experience in delivering a range of other linked benefits including:


  • Client aligned branding through bespoke machine wrapping


  • Video or electronic messaging that enables you to direct message staff and visitors


  • Live video feeds and advertising


  • The ability to create ‘meal deal’ concepts across multiple machines, providing for a varied, highly efficient and value-for-money consumer experience


  • Reward and recognition through discount codes.

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Vending machine leasing and rental



There are a number of ways that your coffee, drinks and snacks vending machines can be financed, from outright purchase through to lease and lease rental agreements. Once we have agreed the number of machines required and their specification, we will present you with the best finance option. Whether you are looking for an automatic coffee machine and snacks machine to lease, rent or buy, we always customise our approach and costs to the needs of your business.